Началась ежегодная программа для получения работы в BP. Письмо из внутренней сети компании.
Прошу админа поставить в этой теме все необходимые документы для поступления. Желаю всем удачи... если кому то понадобится помошь для заполнения бланков или для получения подробно инфо можете обращаться...

Every year BP Azerbaijan conducts the Annual Recruitment Program to hire new national employees in line with our strategic staffing requirements. Through the 2006 Annual Recruitment Program conducted earlier this year we have recruited 103 Operations Technicians, 49 graduates, 24 experienced professionals and 75 summer interns. Applicants went through a competitive selection process which consisted of HR and functional screening, English language and ability tests, team exercises and interviews. A diverse pool of over 3,500 candidates applied with ages ranging from 18 to 60 years. 89% of recruits were male, 11% female, including 4 female technicians. We selected and employed candidates with best talent from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds .
All new recruits were presented with the comprehensive two-weeks induction program, focused on the key elements of BP's organizational culture and working processes. We encourage you to welcome and support these new members of the AzSPU team.
Please note that we have now advertised 2007 Annual Recruitment Program, which is aimed to identify candidates in the following three categories: summer interns, graduates and experienced hires. The program has already been advertised in local newspapers, TV and radio channels, and over the internet, and will continue to be marketed over the next 4 weeks. Deadline for submission of applications is 14 November 2006. The recruitment process will be phased into stages, with the selection events taking place in 1and 2Q next year.
Please note that the purpose of the recruitment program is primarily to hire external candidates. However, we recognise that within the company we have a number of staff who may be interested in securing permanent positions with BP or position outside their current discipline. Staff within this category should follow the same external recruitment process as all other applicants.
All applications will be treated with confidentiality and all applicants are provided the same opportunity to participate based on skill and merit.

You are encouraged to advertise this recruitment program to those individuals who may be interested in employment opportunities with BP.

For further information on the positions which are advertised as part of the 2007 Annual Recruitment Program please use the following link to our recruitment page on BP Enterprise Center's website:


Best regards,