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> Буфер обмена..., Игра...
† Fallen Angel †
сообщение 15.01.2007, 20:52
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Давайте вставлять сюда то, что вы копировали посл. раз...

У меня например слово

Абиссинский кот... это то, что я последний раз скопировалsmile.gif

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сообщение 15.01.2007, 21:21
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ПроСто НатаВАшКА))

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List of famous left-handed people

List of left-handed people.

Definition and guide
A left-hander is a person who is more skillful with the left hand than with the right: a left-hander will probably (but not limit to) use the left hand for tasks such as personal care, cooking, and so on.
Writing with right hand alone does not necessarily indicate one's right-handedness. The world is right-handed-dominant and many natural born left-handers were wrongfully taught to write with their right hand. Consequently, a lot of born left-handers may write with right hand but use left hand for everything else.
However, if a person writes with left hand then s/he is most likely left-handed.
People who are forced to use their left hand because their right hand is not available for use (for example, due to injury or disease) should not be included on this list.
Contrary to popular belief, left-footers are not necessarily left-handed, which causes much confusion when it comes to famous soccer players. For example players like Maradona are believed to be left-handed just because they use their left foot in soccer. There is actually a high percentage of soccer players that are left-handed while being right-footed such as Ruud van Nistelrooy.
If a new subject needs to be added, please provide citation/reference. Do not add a subject merely because another websites list him/her as a left-handed people. Make sure you validate the subject with facts supported by sources like biography, photograph or painting.

If source is not accessible, add a brief description after the name to indicate what task does the subjects use their left hand.

Вот то,что я скопировала....Интересно?.....

мусорная тема))))
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