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> Conversation Club, English speakers and all people who learn to speak English
сообщение 22.10.2007, 20:16
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Congratulations! Conversation Club is open))

For one thing, we should comply with some rules:
1)English speakers are not allowed to laugh at those, who learn to speak.
2) English speakers shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes. We are all people, we are not sinless rolleyes.gif .

Well, that'll be enough for a start.

Good luck! smile.gif

Stick and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.
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J-RUNka   Conversation Club   22.10.2007, 20:16
Qudret   Hi,what`s up people? :)   22.10.2007, 20:23
beauty   Wow!Thank you very much!I'm glad to se...   22.10.2007, 20:47
sevochka   J-Runka, thanks for opennig of this theme and beau...   23.10.2007, 18:45
beauty   J-Runka, thanks for openning of this theme and b...   23.10.2007, 19:20
sevochka   Not at all, sevochka...I'm not a professional...   25.10.2007, 22:54
J-RUNka   Thanks for correction...articles are my big probl...   25.10.2007, 23:24
sevochka   Not at all, my dear. Frankly saying, articles are...   29.10.2007, 12:05
beauty   J-RUNka,i know this rule, but it is difficult to ...   29.10.2007, 18:28
J-RUNka   i don't know how it must be corrected...but i...   29.10.2007, 23:30
beauty   Beauty, try not to correct mistakes. If she has t...   30.10.2007, 15:05
J-RUNka   OK :unsure: but she asked us to correct them..and...   30.10.2007, 23:09
beauty   Don't apologise, do it, but not here, where e...   30.10.2007, 23:41
Nermin   Nermin, are you joking? Are they really so boring...   02.11.2007, 20:17
sevochka   i don't know how it must be corrected...but i...   04.11.2007, 10:52
beauty   Beauty, thank you))) Благодаря этой теме мое жела...   04.11.2007, 17:20
Nermin   [u]Not at all, dear :) I have a question. I k...   05.11.2007, 00:21
J-RUNka   I have a question. I know that it's not a mi...   05.11.2007, 20:46
Nermin   Well, Nermin it's simple. You can use both va...   05.11.2007, 21:42
J-RUNka   Thanks, due to this club I got a lot of new infor...   05.11.2007, 22:52
sevochka   Not at all, dear :) Write it in English, Seva :P...   06.11.2007, 21:23
J-RUNka   J-Runka, thanks for openiNg this theme and beauty...   23.10.2007, 19:30
Гюльнар   That's quite good, we all have mistakes, that...   28.10.2007, 14:18
J-RUNka   Well,I think that everyone has experienced love a...   28.10.2007, 14:47
Гюльнар   I agree with this part of your "psychologica...   28.10.2007, 17:22
J-RUNka   Lol.who told you that only young people fall in l...   28.10.2007, 17:46
Гюльнар   Gulnar, I can't understand where you get this...   28.10.2007, 18:06
beauty   lol.In English there is no "eee" :lol: ...   28.10.2007, 18:08
Гюльнар   i know...i know :D it's my habit)))))))))))))...   28.10.2007, 18:12
beauty   :lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah.Just a few time ago it w...   28.10.2007, 20:45
Гюльнар   i think it is installed in our genes)))))))) :...   28.10.2007, 22:41
beauty   I absolutely agree with you,J-Runka....there is no...   23.10.2007, 20:01
sheytanka   Ou! Very interesting theme! Thank you, J-R...   24.10.2007, 21:12
J-RUNka   Oh! Very interesting theme! Thank you, J-...   24.10.2007, 23:43
нармишка   HI PEPOPLE! I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU :lol: :lol:...   26.10.2007, 12:00
J-RUNka   HI PEPOPLE! I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU :lol: :lol...   26.10.2007, 12:54
beauty   HI PEOPLE! I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU :lol: :lol:...   26.10.2007, 15:33
sheytanka   J-RUNka, thank you for correcting my mistakes...   26.10.2007, 22:09
beauty   One more question: A lot of boys say that we are s...   28.10.2007, 11:43
J-RUNka   One more question: A lot of boys say that we are ...   02.11.2007, 22:58
beauty   BEAUTYYYY, I'm so sorry, I haven't seen y...   03.11.2007, 20:28
J-RUNka   J-RUNka, do not apologize,dear...everything is OK...   03.11.2007, 21:04
beauty   Hahaa, thanks, Beauty, for having corrected my mi...   03.11.2007, 22:02
J-RUNka   You didn't have a mistake in your sentenсe, d...   03.11.2007, 22:30
beauty   eee...answer my question too, please :D   28.10.2007, 16:56
Nermin   Yesterday I resumed my english lessons :((. Oh God...   29.10.2007, 19:49
J-RUNka   Ok, thnx :) Well, I think we should start discuss...   01.11.2007, 00:53
beauty   Well....i asked you one question but it was ignore...   02.11.2007, 19:14
beauty   Thank you very much :rolleyes: now i'm so clev...   03.11.2007, 22:33
J-RUNka   Thank you very much :rolleyes: now i'm so cle...   03.11.2007, 22:35
beauty   I simply wanted to use the rule you have explained...   03.11.2007, 22:44
beauty   Who will ask a new question? :rolleyes:   06.11.2007, 21:12
J-RUNka   Sevochka, none of us can't laugh at anyone who...   12.11.2007, 22:50
beauty   hmmm.....well...i have written about my life in th...   15.11.2007, 23:44
J-RUNka   hmmm.....well...i have written about my life in t...   17.11.2007, 21:43
beauty   Well, It's a Conversation Club. Why don't...   18.11.2007, 20:04
J-RUNka   of course))i understand it)))but i'm so lazy ...   19.11.2007, 21:12
Nermin   Our Conversation Club seems to have been abandon...   19.11.2007, 22:00
Nermin   yes, I understood, globalisation is not so interes...   24.11.2007, 01:16
J-RUNka   yes, I understood, globalisation is not so intere...   24.11.2007, 02:26
beauty   i don't know what to answer to :( sorry...and ...   24.11.2007, 13:31
J-RUNka   i don't know what to answer to :( sorry...and...   24.11.2007, 21:37
Nermin   Thanks J-Runka. For mathematician my english is w...   24.11.2007, 23:13
J-RUNka   What will you do if your future husband will be a...   25.11.2007, 01:03
Nermin   If my husband is against my working, I'll get...   25.11.2007, 01:28
beauty   If it's not a secret, about what kind of job ...   26.11.2007, 19:33
Nermin   Well, [b]Nermin ,in fact i don't know what jo...   26.11.2007, 23:45
beauty   Nermin, thanks...i think it is a very interesting ...   25.11.2007, 01:03
eleya   hello people)) i like speakin g in english)) i am ...   26.11.2007, 01:46
eleya   i can tell that i am very good girl, you see))) :D...   26.11.2007, 20:00
J-RUNka   Eleya, can I ask you something? What's the nam...   26.11.2007, 22:38
eleya   Eleya, can I ask you something? What's the na...   27.11.2007, 14:57
J-RUNka   yes of course)) i study at URAO )) i know that i ...   27.11.2007, 23:05
P.A.S.   HI EVERYBODY!!! HOW ARE U, PEOPLE?)) I...   27.11.2007, 09:56
beauty   HI EVERYBODY!!! HOW ARE U, PEOPLE?)) ...   27.11.2007, 14:54
eleya   УРАО-Университет Российской академии образования))...   28.11.2007, 16:44
beauty   hm...what is the next theme we are going to discus...   29.11.2007, 21:25
Nermin   hm...what is the next theme we are going to discu...   30.11.2007, 00:36
J-RUNka   Don't know what to discuss. But I have a ques...   01.12.2007, 00:05
Nermin   Do you want to read this book in English or in Ru...   02.12.2007, 02:05
J-RUNka   My english teacher offered us to read this one, d...   03.12.2007, 02:37
Nermin   Sweetheart, you are mistaken. I read English clas...   08.12.2007, 22:26
J-RUNka   J-Runka, my girl, you're right, you repeated ...   08.12.2007, 23:15
Nermin   Dear, If you try to search easy ways of learning ...   10.12.2007, 00:53
J-RUNka   Hmmm, interesting list, because I read just Dosto...   10.12.2007, 01:10
Nermin   So, what are you going to read after Jan-Cristof?...   10.12.2007, 01:25
J-RUNka   Yes, i think first i'll read this one - Salma...   10.12.2007, 01:39
Nermin   You know, I'v got to tell you something. This...   10.12.2007, 02:03
J-RUNka   Oh, dear, thank you very much for your offer, but...   11.12.2007, 14:55
beauty   :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Ok, then you should b...   11.12.2007, 22:32
J-RUNka   I want you to ask a new question :D Why me?))))...   12.12.2007, 22:32
Nermin   Why me?)))) ok, as you care to take it ))) As we...   13.12.2007, 00:48
beauty   hmm...We can use the verbs 'to make', ...   01.12.2007, 00:45
J-RUNka   hmm...We can use the verbs 'to make', ...   01.12.2007, 01:13
beauty   Partially you are right. The verbs "to let...   01.12.2007, 01:21
beauty   I think that Mikhail Bulgakov - 'Master and Ma...   03.12.2007, 16:11
J-RUNka   I think that Mikhail Bulgakov - 'Master and M...   03.12.2007, 21:08
beauty   But why is it called " the bad flat"? ...   03.12.2007, 21:45
beauty   An ideal man?hm....I think that an ideal man shoul...   13.12.2007, 00:01
eleya   hello people ))how are you doing?___)) what are yo...   24.12.2007, 16:31
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